Faraglia & Vescovi - Studio Legale Associato is an Italian law firm which offers qualified legal assistance to individuals, small businesses and corporations who require legal representation in Italy.

Law firm in the list of Lawyers qualified, recognized by the Canadian Embassy and specialized in either Civil law or Commercial or International law.

For many years Faraglia & Vescovi - Studio Legale Associato have been successfully representing Canadian citizens of Italian descent and Italian citizens residing in Canada.
We provide advice and assistance for legal disputes anywhere in Italy. Thanks to our wide knowledge and experience in the key areas of Italian law, we can also support our clients in the management of commercial, business and property transactions.

Located in Perugia, in the heart of Italy, Faraglia & Vescovi - Studio Legale Associato is in close proximity to all major metropolitan areas (Rome, Milan, Bologna e Naples) and is easily connected to all other Regions of Italy. Faraglia & Vescovi operate throughout the Italian teritory.

Faraglia & Vescovi are fully qualified Italian avvocati and are registered in the Law Society of Perugia.